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The IRON TOUGH Rock Guard division uses a specialized and formulated product, comprised of a polyurethane/liquid rubber hybrid coating that provides a tough, durable, abrasion resistant finish for a wide variety of applications. This product can be adjusted to achieve varying surface textures.

Our Rock Guard team along with our products are able to provide a coating which has the ability to build up to 100 mils in one coat.

Easy to apply to vertical surfaces. Texture of surface can be easily modified to your own requirements. Liquid rubber element offers a high degree of flexibility. Can be used as an Anti-Skid Coating. Available in virtually any color. VOC compliant. Paintable. 


Our team will custom generate the texture and finish that you want, in the colour you want. Our products are top coat able with Polyurethane and Metallic paints, ensuring that not only are your assets protected by also look great at the same time. The rubberized qualities of our products mean that rocks are rebounded off of the surface rather than impacting a hard surface, increasing longevity and decreasing the chances of chipping and marring.