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IRON Coatings specializes in high end coatings specification applications, 100% plural component products and field coating of below grade wraps and epoxies.

Whether we spray or paint your pipeline at our shop or in the field, you can rest assured that your assets will perform well for years to come. The types of pipeline coating we offer and apply depend on the setup and material of the structures we're addressing. Our goal is quality pipeline painting and coating no matter what. Our innovation allows us to take on large or small pipeline coating projects without difficulty. 

Our expert pipeline painting team has years of experience which allows them to evaluate your setup and determine the best route to coat and protect your pipeline. Whether that means an in-depth pipeline painting project or a simpler pipe coating touchup or girth weld. 


Our team will custom generate Inspection and Test Plans for every new project to ensure we provide everything our clients want from their coatings applications, ensuring their assets are protected the way they want them. We have custom developed an in depth and comprehensive ITP Matrix, this lays out the foundation for the scope of work for the entirety of the project as well as being utilized as a daily checklist to ensure specifications are strictly adhered to. 

Our team utilizes the latest in technology and apps to keep all of our testing and documentation clean and well organized. Iron Coatings has developed a cloud based Quality Control app to record and document all aspects of of our process and inspections, these can be produced from any locations for all types of specifications. All submitted reports are then reviewed for inconsistencies or deviations from the prescribed specification. Our top of the line Defelsko surface preparation and coatings inspection equipment is kept well maintained and continually certified. Our inspection team ensure our equipment is calibrated and providing accurate results.


Over our years of servicing the oil & gas sector we have blasted a diverse variety of equipment, structures and piping. With our strict adherent to specifications we are sure our product is of the highest quality, ensuring longevity of the coating product.